Planning Stages

Our original goal for our very first Tin PeliCan Epic Adventure was to visit everyone we care about. We figured since everyone is spewed throughout the country, it would make for a great trip. And, since we would be BYOB (Bringing Your Own Bedroom) we were hoping that we wouldn’t be putting people out with our visit.

My first list of places was so long I thought Jerry’s eyeballs were going to pop out. Especially when he counted the stops and without any driving time included our trip would be 4 weeks long. He made me cut back. I did. Reluctantly.

My second list was significantly shorter – I cut out Nashville, Tennessee, the entire State of California and Yuma, Arizona. Not without great suffering. But I certainly could see Jerry’s point — we do have to head home at some point.


As I started to consider each location, it dawned on me that since we will be bringing Lily, our 7-year old Basset Hound and Brinkley, our 1-year old, Yellow Lab with minimal manners, my desire to visit The Grand Ole Opry was probably out of the question. “X”out Nashville. Our first three days on the road will be aiming towards Chicago to spend time with Kate and Mike.



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