*POOF* Plan B

Remember last May when I mentioned Jer and I were loading up the dogs and traveling the US? Yeah. So that didn’t happen.  We had the trailer, the fancy-schmancy truck, the dogs, the books and the maps…but Jerry had no feeling in his fingers on his right hand.

So instead of seeing the USA, we got to see X-rays, MRIs, and a lot of other tests. Jerry had surgery in November and a second surgery earlier this year. Jerry is finally starting to feel like his OLD self again.

It took me a while to recover as well. I was psyched and when Jer got hurt I felt like someone stuck me with a pin and I blew around the room like a popped balloon.

33224640 - popped blue balloon on paper background

Pelican Cottage and The Tin PeliCan was really busy – almost non-stop guests. That’s good. I didn’t really have time to wallow in self pity – a real shame because it is one of my best attributes. I knew eventually we’d go. I didn’t know when. But…we’d go.


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