Like the phoenix rising from the flames…

8222350 - phoenix
8222350 – phoenix

Two surgeries: Check. Dead AC: Check. Dead Washing Machine: Check, Hurricane IRMA: Check. Dead battery: Check.  Dare I say this?  The Tin PeliBLOG Lives! Jerry and I have decided to finally depart (1 year and 9 months since the initial trailer purchase) on our maiden voyage in the Tin PeliCan pulled by none other than Dotty the fancy-schmancy truck on October 1st. Even Wolfe Blitzer would say “SHOCK AND AWE!”

The decision was made this morning. We are doing this. The only problem at the moment is that I am in Ohio visiting my sister, Julie. It’s a one and one half week visit that turned into an almost three-week unplanned evacuation from Irma.  Jer is in Florida living in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Two days post-Irma, Jerry has electricity (and AC) but no Internet or cable. Luckily for us, The Pelicans dodged a real cranky bullet.

Pre-Irma Jerry worked his butt off getting ready. He hung plywood on all our windows, tied down anything too heavy to move and listened to Mike every 9AM and 9PM analyze all the weather charts and graphs linked on his website, Mike’s Weather Page. Even though our home is not in a flood zone, we are surrounded by water on 3 sides. In an attempt to be smarter than Irma, we chose to move The Tin PeliCan to my brother, KC and my sister-in-law, Sharon’s home in land in New Port Richey.

Irma, after wiggling east and west, made it to Tampa late Sunday and into Monday morning. Jerry said he had gone to bed early and never heard a thing. I’m guessing this may be a direct result of his 28+ years in the Navy, most spent on aircraft carriers. Monday morning he woke up and much to his surprise, he lost electricity, cable, a lot of leaves and some branches and not much else. New Port Richey didn’t fare as well.

Cleanup on High Street was relatively easy-

And at KC and Sharon’s house…well…not so much…

Yes, that is a car in the middle of those branches.

Upon waking, Jerry’s first thought went to cranking up our generator (a must have in Florida.)


How else would he have his coffee post-Irma?

And, despite the fact that KC & Sharon’s front yard looks like a bomb went off, everyone in their family is safe and well. And, in the meantime, The Tin PeliCan is happily sitting in KC’s back yard.

trailer at KCs

We have 16 days to pull this together. I guess I’d better start doing research. Most important: keeping in touch. So…Just what is the best way to access the Internet when on the road? Who is the best carrier? Who has the best coverage? Which carrier does data throttling and at what point? What is a hot spot and how do I make it work?

Oh boy, this is gonna be fun!